Major achievements! "National Business Card" Hualong No.1 Demonstration Project Completed and put into operation

25 March

China's independent three-generation nuclear power Hualong 1 demonstration project

2nd Unit

CNNC Fuqing Nuclear Power Unit 6

Formally qualified for commercial transportation

So far

Hualong No.1 demonstration project completed and put into operation

This is a major achievement in the development of nuclear power in China.

It marks the level of nuclear power technology and comprehensive strength in China.

Among the world's first phalanx

Strong support for our country

The leap from a nuclear power country to a nuclear power country

A generous gift to welcome the 20th National Congress of the Party.

After the completion of Hualong No.1 demonstration project

The annual power generation capacity of the two units is nearly 20 billion degrees

It is equivalent to reducing standard coal consumption by 6.24 million tons per year.

Reduce CO2 emissions by 16.32 million tons

Equivalent to 0.14 billion trees

Significant economic, social and environmental effects

To optimize China's energy structure, promote green low-carbon development

It is of great significance to help achieve the goal of carbon neutralization.


Hualong One ingeniously adopted

"combination of active and non-active"

Safety design concept

The first pile of equipment localization rate of 88%

Also used a single stack arrangement, double containment, etc.

Advanced design concept

Complete severe accident prevention and mitigation measures

Enhanced protection against external events

and improved emergency response capabilities

Adequate analytical testing and engineering validation

Fully guaranteed power plant

Safety, economy and advancement

As China's high-end manufacturing industry

Towards the world's "national business card"

Hualong One led

More than 5300 enterprises in the upstream and downstream industry chain

For China's high-end equipment manufacturing industry

It has brought huge economic benefits and opportunities for transformation and upgrading.


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