Office Security Officer

3500-6000 yuan

Minimum Education:

Number of Recruits:


Experience requirements:


1, responsible for the investigation and management of hidden dangers in production safety, inspection and supervision of unsafe factors existing in on-site management and tracking rectification;
2. Organize safety production education and safety technology training;
3, do a good job in the company's production safety, safety and health, fire management and other work;
4. Participate in the preparation of accident emergency rescue plan and the organization of safety and fire drills;
5. Participate in the supervision and inspection of the company's environmental safety, report problems found in time and follow up and solve them;
6. Participate in the company's internal safety inspection, assist in investigation and analysis, and put forward reference opinions;
7, responsible for docking internal and external related matters of the enterprise;
8. Complete other work assigned by superior leaders;

1. Secondary specialized school degree or above, experience in production safety management, and qualification certificate of safety officer;
2, familiar with the national safety laws and regulations, familiar with the production site safety work process, safety operation specifications and safety management procedures, can find safety hazards and correct them in time;
3, familiar with the production process and safety protection fire, temporary electricity and other relevant safety regulations, standards and daily safety management, have a high sense of responsibility;
4, have certain coordination, organization and communication skills, have certain language expression ability.

Contact: Miss Chen
Contact Phone:18100521369
Address: No. 13, North Road, Hengban Valve Base Park, Yingdu Town, Nan'an, Fujian, China